We have all been exposed to the fact that obesity has become an epidemic in The United States through our classes at Pitt Med and I am certain that every medical student, resident, and physician is well of aware of this fact. We are told that no matter what specialty we choose we will have to understand obesity and be prepared to work with overweight patients. As medical students we understand the etiology of obesity and its associated disorders, but do we really know how to help them? Do we even know how to help ourselves when it comes to proper health and nutrition? A 2012 study found that 37% of male and 26% of female doctors were overweight and that almost 50% of young doctors exercise for at 30 minutes twice per week.

It is essential that doctors not only maintain a healthy lifestyle to provide great patient care, but also understand how to live a healthy lifestyle to educated patients. This is a twofold goal which necessitates not only learning about nutrition and fitness but practicing it. Unfortunately the pace at which medical students learn about nutrition and fitness has been outpaced by the incidence of obesity. If this is not changed, the doctors of our generation will be unprepared to combat the epidemic of obesity we currently face. Check out the info-graph “yo.” Get angry, get motivated, and let’s do something about this!

Ross “The Bootcamp Dude” Carson

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