I wanted to share this great advertisement for a fitness product- not because I like the product, but because I love the message they are sending and it ties into my short article.

Welcome to 2015. Welcome to a year full of potential, hard work, and RESOLUTIONS. Some of my classmates have spoken with me about new fitness and weight loss (and gain) goals for the New Year, and I’m psyched to hear about it! But we all know that resolutions often fade as the year goes on and we get wrapped up in school.

Instead of the typical gym approach- involving excruciatingly long sessions on the elliptical and endless bicep curls that never seem to induce sufficient hypertrophy- maybe try something that you ACTUALLY ENJOY. There are countless ways to get fit and have fun doing it.

My goals for the New Year (I strongly dislike the word “resolution”) are to play more racquetball and become better weightlifter- Pitt Med racquetball players, bring it on! Check out the video for some ideas.

Once you find something worth your valuable time, commit a few hours to it every week. Make it more than a hobby. Challenge yourself to get better at it. Trust me, the results (aka. GAINZ) will soon follow. This approach applies not only to fitness goals but a wide range. Whatever you chose, make it something AWESOME, ENJOYABLE and WORTH YOUR TIME!

Yours truly,
Ross “that bootcamp guy” Carson

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