Strength training is for everyone. I love this stuff. And this is absolutely an advertisement for a Boot Camp class I am going to start this fall for PittMed students. The majority of what we will do at first will be bodyweight and all fitness levels are welcome.

Benefits of Strength Training:
1. Increased Insulin Sensitivity: Prevention and treatment of diabetes + Nutrient absorption
2. Builds Lean Body Mass: Boost metabolism and
3. Improved Bone Health: Reduce risk of fracture and osteoporosis
4. Enhanced Neuromuscular Coordination: Stimulates CNS and PNS
5. Greater Work Capacity: Work harder longer

Pick Your Tools
1. Body Weight
2. Free Weights: Barbells, Kettlebells & Dumbbells
3. Resistance Bands
4. Weight Machines
5. Stuff (rocks, sand bags, cars, logs, etc.)

Everyone can benefit from strength training not only because of its awesome health benefits but because it makes you better at your sport- whether it be running, rock climbing or tennis. Move your body weight or pick up something heavy today.

I am always happy to talk technique, nutrition and exercise physiology.

Ross Carson
PittMed MS1

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